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New Item from Vendome

This night I got the Fatal Gold set. I styled my self for the Picture and then when I made the Picture I saw that it is not only a simple heart and the necklace NO !! The heart is … Weiterlesen

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Belive in Angels

Here is the brand new creation from Tameless! Isabelle in dark blond for normal SL Avatars and Petites! Thanks Nita for such nice hairs! I wear the free gift from B@R „Petite Angel“  

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I am feeling like Rambos Little Sister

I try to make some Petite Clothes for a WasteLand-Roleplay… and now I feel like Rambo´ s little Sister. Maybe you like it^^ Now on Marketplace:  Click Here Hairs: Flower (Petite) from Tameless (you can color the Hairband via Menu)

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Tameless and SeVered GarDeN

This is my first Petite Post, hope you like it. I love my little sweet but even very dangers Arrietty Rosenmoos! The Hairs are from Tameless, it ist Lilah in gothicgreen and the streak in hotpink. The outfit ist from SeVered … Weiterlesen

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Black Volemia by Countdown

Today I got „Volemia“ to blog and WOW it is really voluminous! It is a very classy but also sexy Dress and what should I say… I really love it! Hairs : Tameless – Moira in red (you can change hairpin … Weiterlesen

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Countdown – Amy

Mmhhh Antonia this poncho is amazing! It is so…. fluffy so .. soft it is perfect for cold days to snuggle in a dream. This poncho is available @ Countdown Store. It come in the colors: Brown, Black, Blue, Dark … Weiterlesen

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