One more Weddingtale

And once more i wear a wonderful gown created by Snow Wolfhunter the creative head from MAAI!



Thanks a lot for this wonderful Gown



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Nice day for a white wedding!

Today I wanna show you another amazing wedding gown created by Snow Wolfhunter!

Well  I will speak some true words about Snows creations… specially the wedding dresses!

It is really a shame!  I will not find so many men that i need to wear every wedding gown for an own Wedding!!!



[LeLutka]-VENT hair – Jessica ( Gift from LeLutka!!)

Maai Dela wedding gown Silver

Model: myself

Photograoh: myself


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New Gown with Casual Touch

Today I have a Casual day, but the amazing Gowns from MAAI are not really casual … BUT i managed it!


I gave the wonderful red gown named LUNNA a casual touch, and what should i say? I LOVE IT!!!

My big problem … I am a roleplayer on an urban Sim.. so I can´t wear it everyday!


I hope  I inspire you to give an amazing gown a casual touch too.


MAAI V_003MAAI V_004BackSide

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New Corset from MAAI

Frai is a really beautiful Corset Lingerie Set made by Snow Wolfhunter.

I am wearing Version A on the pic.

You really have to visit the Store or the Marketplace. Snow makes Clothes full of little details!


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Maai – Ladi or my scotish Lady!

hmm what should i say about this dress?


It is so simple but also aureate.

It gives the woman who wear it a realy scotish and mystical touch doesn´t it?

You did a amazing work again Snow. Thank you for that!

Irish Woman

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New Release from MAAI

today i feel like a drama queen after i got the newest release from MAAI!

„MAE“ is a real amazing formal dress and it is available in four colors. Black, White, Pink and Red.

You find Maai Creation inworld and on Marketplace.

And the best.. it comes with lola Appliers.

The Hairs are [LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair/Dark Red – Jessica

MAE Black_001

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New MAAI Gown – Maia Latex

After a really long break i show you today a new release from MAAI.

This is an amazing label that creates wonderful Gowns and underwear even for Ladys who use Lola Tango Mesh Attachment.


This wonderful dress is available in  black, red, blue and purple. I wear the purple one on the Pic.


Hope you like it.

Visit the Store


MAAI - Maia Purple

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Some old leather Lingerie

Found that leather lingerie in my Inventory and had that Idea for this picture.

Frosty Velvet_001


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You don´t know what you can do tomorrow?

May I have a „little“ Idea for you!


Allure Inc. presents
The Magic Forest
by !!DragansVarg!!
Saturday, September 15th 2012
12pm SLT

Let us invite you to a secret world, the Magic Forest. Discover with us the mystic people living there and find out more about the yet almost unknown Petite people. You may have heard rumors, now we take you on a walk on entangled paths through the dark and strange forest to the enchanted lake where they live.

Be amazed and enthralled by the mystic fashion created by Karigan and Thorsten Ducatillon under their famous brand !!DragansVarg!!


Visit a Stage full of Magic!




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New Item from Vendome

This night I got the Fatal Gold set. I styled my self for the Picture and then when I made the Picture I saw that it is not only a simple heart and the necklace NO !! The heart is two kissing Snakes!!! OMG Really fatal. You did a really wonderful job!!!


The set includes:

Necklace, Earrings, Bracelete and Ring.


Hairs are from Tameless the dress is one of my creations, you find it on Marketplace watch out for VOM FloralNebula.

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