Monatsarchiv: September 2013

Nice day for a white wedding!

Today I wanna show you another amazing wedding gown created by Snow Wolfhunter! Well  I will speak some true words about Snows creations… specially the wedding dresses! It is really a shame!  I will not find so many men that … Weiterlesen

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New Gown with Casual Touch

Today I have a Casual day, but the amazing Gowns from MAAI are not really casual … BUT i managed it!   I gave the wonderful red gown named LUNNA a casual touch, and what should i say? I LOVE … Weiterlesen

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New Corset from MAAI

Frai is a really beautiful Corset Lingerie Set made by Snow Wolfhunter. I am wearing Version A on the pic. You really have to visit the Store or the Marketplace. Snow makes Clothes full of little details!

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