My Graduation

Last sunday I had my graduationshow from Passion – The Fashion Agency.

Now after such a long time in that business I am a graduated model.

And because I am so happy I wanna show you my outfits from the show.

First Outfit:

– Casual by Prism „INSPIRED BY CHANEL IN ST.TROPEZ 2011“

My outfit was Cindy and I styled it with bound in sangria from AnalogDog,

Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (brown lenses) (mesh),

+:+WTG+:+ **The Sparkle of The Star-peacock**necklace chains/bracelets

and HOC Apparel – Hemp Bag

Second Outfit:

– Lingerie by Angel Dessous „VICTORIA SECRET UNDER THE SEA“

My Lingerie was Betty Vintage in Steel, I used different Accsessoirs like pieces from Purple Moons  „Lorelei“ and Jewell from SBJ. Hairs are from Truth and shoes from HOC.

Third one (for me the hardest one…):

– Formal by Tres Beau „SUMMER IS THE KEY“
be fresh and give us the feeling of a cool cocktail on a summer party

My Dress for that evening was „Princess Aura“, and I try to use not to many things because I try to look like a cocktail named „Asian Delight“.  So I only use TST Tuscan Green Velvet  Bracelet and Earrings and an Umbrella.

I wear

a wonderful Asian inspired Dress called ‘Princess Aura’ from Tres Beau.
Her styling reminds us of ‘Asian Delight’ which is a young fresh Cocktail.
The white color shown in the Asian/oriental pattern stands for Martini and Gin, the two Main ingredients for the cocktail.
Raspberries and Chambo give the cocktail its luscious red same as in the dress.
The golden Jewelry with green stones and the green feathers in her hair stand for mint and ginger.

Hope you like it me and the other models had so much fun at that show.

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2 Antworten zu My Graduation

  1. Journey McLaglen schreibt:

    Gorgeous Velvet! You look amazing. Great job styling and modceling. xoxo Journey

  2. VelvetOnyx schreibt:

    Thank you Journey but with that three wonderful outfits it was such a pleasure to style them out!

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