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New Groupoffer from Angel Dessous

Hi Girls, Angel Dessous set up at the Angel DessousMainstore the asian themed gown * Misaki * ( peach colored ) for only >> 99 L$ instead the regulare sales price of 590 L$ HURRY UP LADIES!! Werbeanzeigen

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Here comes the Werebunny

Funny Mesh Vest with a crazy Bunny on the front side. Comes in sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL and an Alpha Layer Hope you like it have fun and watch out for the Werebunny ^^ Get it here  

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AD Gothic Summer

hmm the big question… Am I a Petiteavatar? No the flowers was soo Big^^ I am Joking but I wanna show you this very special summer dress form Aliza Karu. It is not the typical colorful summer dress but with … Weiterlesen

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Yellow Mix an Match

This pic I made in a very sad mood. Just wanna say: Don´t you know that I could be the one to hold you? Stylingcard: Hair: [ 69 ] DIVA – Mauve – Shirt: ! Bliss Fur ! Lecker Pants: AMG Boudoir[AMG … Weiterlesen

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WOW now I am an official graduated Model

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Gothic Wedding in white from AD

This is a wonderful Mesh Wedding Gown from AD. The Lovely Designer Aliza Karu have so many amazing ideas to create dresses I don’t find any words! Aliza so many kisses for you and your work it is such a … Weiterlesen

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My Graduation

Last sunday I had my graduationshow from Passion – The Fashion Agency. Now after such a long time in that business I am a graduated model. And because I am so happy I wanna show you my outfits from the show. … Weiterlesen

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New release from Angelic Lefevre

This is the new release from Angelic Lefevre! Look at this romantic coltish lingerie! It is such a beautiful set and it includes the earrings and the „Blindfold“ It can become a really hot night Ladies! Visit her Store to see … Weiterlesen

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Special Offer from DiamondAvatar

Pack includes shape no modify and face light. Only for 3 days Paige will be for sale 30% OFF. Normal price 999L. Offer price 699L. This offer starts on Satuday June 02th at 9 AM SLT and ends on Tuesday … Weiterlesen

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Groupgift from Baiastice

This is really a wonderful groupgift from Baiastice. This gown has to different skirts, I show you my favorite Skirt. I think you will love it too. Join the group and get your gift.

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